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1. Some of the creation

Try something new products for women health outside the bedroom. This applies to new hobbies, and simpler things – walking unfamiliar routes, visits to new restaurants, etc.

2. Surprise dates

One of you takes full responsibility for planning a date and keeps everything a secret until the last moment. Whoever follows the plan agrees to play along, even if the date involves something unfamiliar, such as dance lessons or canoeing with top quality pills from local pharmacy in the moonlight. Such secret dates can strengthen the erotic charge.

3. Replace the bedroom with a hotel

The environment is very closely related to the willingness to experiment in sex. Therefore, many couples find that romantic trips significantly improve their sex life. After all, there is nothing in hotel rooms that reminds you of all your duties, home, or workers. You can also add freshness to sex by simply making love at an unusual time or in another room.

4. Use lubricant

If your lover is not ready to try sex toys from our internet pharmacies, then for a start are a perfect lubricant. The vast majority of people, having tried the lubricant, feels an immediate improvement in the quality of sex.